Guiding Healthcare Transformation With

Proven Telehealth Solutions

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies cannot do it completely on their own. They need the help of like-minded organizations with unique capabilities in healthcare and information technology as a source for innovation.

We unite patients and providers, enhances care and treatment and helps prevent deaths in every community facing the devastation of the opioid/substance use epidemic. We have developed partnerships and programs designed to deliver care to anyone in need of help using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

We provide solutions that give immediate access to specialists without any travel or transportation and assist in keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital. The outcome of a proper telehealth network arrangement will result in increased staff performance and productivity and will help reduce turnover. 

Telehealth Implementation Alliance

Guiding healthcare transformation with proven Telehealth solutions

Additional Solutions

  • Patient Assessments  – Assist staff in assessing overall condition, determining needs, and complying with MDS regulations and requirements.
  • Individualized Care Plans – Remote expertise in creating comprehensive programs including education, nutrition, adherence, and lifestyle changes.
  • Parkinson’s  – Neurological exam and exercise program to improve muscle control, balance, speech, and attain higher function.
  • Palliative and Hospice  – Physical, emotional, and pain management for terminal patients combined with caregiver and family counseling.

Enhanced Services

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Virtual Specialists at the point-of-need
  • Enhanced Care Options
  • Video visits between patients and family
  • Patient Education and Shared Decision Making
  • Health and Lifestyle Programs
  • Patient Advocates

Our Team

Skip Rodenbush

Founding Partner and CEO

For over 50 years, Skip has been transforming industries to lower costs, improve performance, and provide exceptional customer service. With other like-minded individuals, he formed The Castleton Group, LLC to offer healthcare stakeholders a single-point-of-contact for planning, designing and implementing visual collaboration and data sharing solutions.

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Barb Johnston

Barb has over 15 years experience in the business, legal, clinical and policy aspects of the Telemedicine industry. She was instrumental in setting up the $30 million California Telemedicine Network (CTN) and was CEO of the Medical Board of California responsible for a $53 million budget and 278 staff.

 Lowell Feldman

Partner, Dir. Elder Care

The CEO and founder of The Lowell Group, LTD, is known to be one of the most innovative and progressive health care leaders in our nation.

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Howard Reis

Founding Partner and COO

Howard has always worked at the intersection of the healthcare and telecommunications industries

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Ron Pion, M.D.

Founding Partner and CWO

Dr. Pion is a physician and visionary that combines a practitioner’s perspective with healthcare industry expertise

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Telemedicine Works

“To fix our healthcare system we must bring all the good people together and combine their excellence to create solutions which are better and simpler than anything that exists” 

— Dr. Ron Pion, M.D., Founder, The Castleton Group

“Telemedicine improves quality of care and reduces unnecessary hospital readmissions, promoting enhanced care coordination.”

—Today’s Geriatric Medicine

“These technologically savvy products provide peace of mind to seniors and their families by combining the need for close, specialized medical care with the desire to avoid long-term moves into alternative facilities.”   

—Ettinger Law Firm, NYC

“The concept is working. Mortality in the ICU “is trending 40 percent less than predicted, by virtually monitoring ICUs 24/7, we’re getting to problems earlier. The result is that in the past year Mercy sent home 1,000 ICU patients who otherwise would have been expected to die and saved $40 million.”

—Randall Moore

President, Mercy Virtual Hospital

“Whether you live at home, in an assisted living facility or other senior setting, telemedicine can provide remote access to doctors, nurses and other senior care specialists through state of the art technologies designed specifically for monitoring, communicating and collaborating with seniors and their families.”

—The Castleton Group