Ron Pion, M.D.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Pion is a physician, visionary, and business professional, that combines a practitioner’s perspective with healthcare industry expertise and corporate experience to provide assistance and wisdom to innovative companies.​ He has over 30 years of medical telecommunicatons experience.

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Barb Johnston

CEO and President
Barb has over 15 years experience in the business, legal, clinical and policy aspects of the Telemedicine industry. She was instrumental in setting up the $30 million California Telemedicine Network (CTN) and was CEO of the Medical Board of California responsible for a $53 million budget and 278 staff.

 Lowell Feldman

Chief Strategy Officer

The CEO and founder of The Lowell Group, LTD, is known to be one of the most innovative and progressive health care leaders in our nation. Those who have worked with Lowell know him to have maintained the highest quality standards of care.

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Skip Rodenbush


Skip formed The Castleton Group, LLC, with other like-minded individuals, to offer healthcare stakeholders a single-point-of-contact for planning, designing and implementing visual collaboration and data sharing solutions.

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Gene Theslof, CEO

My Health Connection


Tyler Theslof, COO

My Health Connection

David Memel, MD

Business Strategy Advisor

Pat Tellez, MD, MPH, MSHA

FQHC and Safety Net Advisor

Ken McConnochie, MD, MPH

Pediatric Telehealth Pioneer 

Doug Solomon

Innovation Advisor

Ossama Tawfik, MD

Virtual Pathology Advisor

Ray Dorsey, MD

Neurological Care Advisor

Anna Mariano Morris

Virtual Relationship Curator & Advocate


Christian Milaster

Advisor Digital Health 

Neil S. Calman



Bill Szaroletta



Michael Finney, M.D.

Medical Director


Mary Jane Blaney

Advisory LTC Operations


Innovators and Advisors

Dr. Lisa Thompson   Palliative Care

Dr. Paul Brenner   Coping Skills

Catherine Serio, Ph.D.  Accessing Inter Strength


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